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5 Reasons to Choose CRANE 1

CRANE 1 excels at providing top notch service for overhead bridge cranes, monorails and hoisting systems.  Our Inspectors and Service and Repair Technicians are highly trained and experienced, ensuring that your equipment is safe and operating productively.  Beyond our core service expertise, there are five additional reasons that CRANE 1 should be your service partner.

Unbiased Recommendations
CRANE 1 is a true service organization and is not tied to ownership by an equipment manufacturer.  We competitively and competently service all brands of cranes and hoists.

  We provide honest and unbiased assessments of the condition of your equipment with the safety of your employees and your operational objectives being of utmost priority.  When it comes time to replace a piece of equipment, we help you identify the best value for your application and duty requirement without being beholden to a single manufacturer.

Manufacturer Support
As one of the largest crane and hoist service organizations in the United States, CRANE 1 has direct purchasing relationships with virtually all the crane and hoist component manufacturers.  Not only does that enable us to access parts and repair manuals, but it also allows us to send our Technicians to manufacturer training classes.  

Our direct access to parts also enables us to source parts faster –  saving you time and money by reducing potential downtime resultant from a breakdown.  Manufacturers that we have direct access to include:  Acco Material Handling, Budgit, CM, Coffing, Demag, Detroit Hoist, Dresser Crane, Gorbel, Harrington, KBK,  Magnetek, OMI, P&H, R&M (Kone), Shawbox, Street Crane, Yale Hoist, Zenar and many more.

Lifter Refurbishments
For mills, coil handling and other crane applications where below the hook lifters are utilized, CRANE 1 has the inspection, service and refurbishment capability to disassemble, evaluate and rebuild worn or damaged lifters and return them in a like new condition for a fraction of the cost of a brand new lifter.

  CRANE 1 also has the engineering capability to make modifications to existing lifting beams and lifters as well as design new non-standard types of lifting devices.  We rebuild lifters from many different manufacturers such as Bradly, Caldwell, Heppenstahl, Hunter, and more.  CRANE 1 rebuilds dozens of lifting beams, hook blocks, coil lifters and slab lifters every year.  CRANE 1 also designs and builds motorized rotating hoist hook blocks up to and over 200 Tons.

Equipment Capability
From performing service and repairs on our customer’s equipment, CRANE 1 understands the application demands and duty requirements better than anyone.  So when it is time to replace a piece of equipment or when expansion requires a new system, CRANE 1 can assist you in purchasing the right hoist or crane that will perform with the greatest value for your operational needs. 

 We can choose from dozens of manufacturers that each have unique application strong points.  Most importantly, we will help point you in the direction of the equipment that will be reliable with good parts accessibility.

Investment in People and Technology
CRANE 1 is a people business, and the service and repair business has become much more technology focused.  CRANE 1 seeks out the highest quality people in the electrical and mechanical trades and provides intensive safety and crane/hoist training to ensure that our people are the best in the business.  We don’t take shortcuts with our practices or our people.

  To better support our customer’s and employee needs, CRANE 1 has embraced and fully implemented Field Automation, which allows us to remotely schedule and dispatch our Technicians.  In the field, our technicians can access equipment history as well as hoist manuals.  Our Technicians and Inspectors complete crane and hoist assessments and service reports on their handheld devices, and those can be provided to the customer on the spot or within 24 hours at the latest.

CRANE 1 is striving to make our customers safer and more productive.  Give us a call and one of our Service Specialists can meet with you to discuss how we can help your organization.