CRANE 1 installs hundreds of wireless controls on overhead cranes and hoists every year.  Our go-to radio for reliability, ease of operation, cost of installation and performance is the FLEX EX2 series from Magnetek.

Some of the great uses of the Flex EX2 unit is for hoist A/B or Both using one or multiple receivers.  Multiple receivers can be controlled from a single controller allowing the elimination of high maintenance of festoon control wiring between the bridge and hoist or multiple hoists.  The low cost of the unit enables us to install backup receivers versus a backup wired pendant station.  If one receiver goes down, we simply switch over to the backup receiver through plug writing or a panel mounted selector switch.  In fact, we can set up a unit to control 2 bridge cranes or a crane with up to 4 hoists on a single bridge using multiple receivers and a single control pushbutton.

The new pushbutton design incorporates improved function labeling on the case versus prior labeling on the button which was subject to wear with daily use.  The new pushbuttons are compatible with the old receivers, we just need to order the replacement receiver with the correct I-Chip for proper pairing.

Some of the key features of the new FLEX EX2 series is

  • 4 to 12 button options
  • 200 Programming functions allow a multitude of functions.
  • Powered by AA replaceable or rechargeable batteries with the available charging cradle.
  • The AA batteries allow up to 100 hours of continuous use.
  • The battery compartment has thumb screw for ease of battery change.
  • Any EX2 transmitter can be paired and utilized with any similar function EX2 receiver using infrared configuration with 124 available channels and one million unique identification codes.
  • Automatic channel selection to a clear channel as each system is turned on eliminates interference.
  • Transmitter drop protection ceases all operations, providing added protection of workers by preventing unattended operation of equipment.

As a Performance Plus Center distributor with Magnetek; CRANE 1 is your expert partner in crane control automation.