We Fix Problems

When you have a crane problem, Contact CRANE 1

Problem Solving That Goes Above and Beyond

At CRANE1, our qualified and experienced technicians do more than fix cranes, hoists, and structures. By solving your crane challenges, we’re helping to improve your entire business. Our overarching goal is to provide solutions that keep your company safety compliant, increase your production uptime, and reduce your overall costs — so that your company operates safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


We Protect Your Employees and Your Business

Our CRANE 1 Safety Specialists provide performance and safety inspection solutions for regulatory and company compliance and tracking. Our Service Technicians arrive service-ready and safety-ready with industry-specific certifications. Our category experts provide asset management and consultation for sustainability and workplace safety.


We Protect Your Brand

We measure and track your equipment uptime to help you improve your staff productivity and work schedules. We deliver best-in-class first-time fix rates with validated on-time arrivals for service. We stock your critical parts on our service vehicles for same-day service. Our category experts provide predictive and proactive maintenance service plans.


We Save You Money

CRANE 1 can measure your equipment’s asset lifecycle cost from purchase to disposal. Our category experts provide visibility and insight into your repair services, planned maintenance, and installed parts by equipment type. We specialize in repair vs. replace asset analysis to assist you in making the right choice on a daily basis. Our InSpec asset-tracking database provides OEM performance analysis and industry benchmarking for making asset purchase decisions.

We Love to Fix Our Customers’ Problems

Our associates are proud to say that they fix crane problems efficiently and effectively:

  • “We have taken care of endless breakdowns every year.”
  • “When the middle-of-the-night phone calls come in, we get parts for the job the next day.”
  • “One customer’s highly used chain hoist went down and we were able to replace the existing hoist with a hoist that we had in stock. The customer experienced minimal downtime and is very happy with the new hoist.”
  • “When a customer called on a Saturday and needed a contactor, I called an electrical supply house, picked up the contactor, and drove it to him.”
  • “We have a very good customer who had a hoist that wouldn’t operate correctly during a heavy pick at capacity on a five-ton unit. I did some troubleshooting and found the reversing contactor heavily undersized for the current needed to operate the hoist at peak efficiency. I went to a local electrical vendor, purchased the correct size reversing contactor, and installed it on the hoist. To this day, the reversing contactor is still working great!”