Going Above & Beyond for Our Customers

Overhead Crane and Hoist Systems for Aerospace Applications

Organizations designing, manufacturing or servicing airplanes, aircraft engines, space vehicles, satellites and/or guided missiles have unique requirements. Because of the potential for serious consequences due to errors, this industry must operate under very high standards — and mission-critical contractors like CRANE 1 that service this industry must hold themselves to extremely high standards, too. CRANE 1 has the industry expertise and exceptional talent to meet the challenges of this industry.

We Understand Your Unique Industry Challenges

  • Crane support structures often must have a sufficiently wide span and clear height for the assembly and maintenance of very large subassemblies.
  • Your overhead crane must have the ability to lift, turn and position high-value objects on assembly lines
  • Customization of hoists and below-the-hook products may be necessary to properly lift one-of-a-kind parts
  • Patented track monorail systems may be required to move parts and products throughout a large facility.