Rule in Favor of Crane 1

Overhead Crane and Hoist Systems in Government

Whether your federal department, state or municipality uses overhead crane systems for lifting and transporting objects in a water treatment facility, military base, warehouse, machine shop, heating or cooling plant, or during a construction project, you can rely on Crane 1. We help you keep your equipment up and running safely — to strict government specifications — and at optimal productivity. Our technicians expertly service virtually all brands of crane and hoist equipment, and we get the replacement parts or spares you need when you need them. With Crane 1’s two-hour emergency repair service, you’re sure to stay on schedule to meet your critical deadlines.

Solving Your Unique Challenges

Government departments and municipalities have tremendous responsibilities to the public. Thus, any potential delays created by malfunctioning overhead crane and hoist equipment can be devastating. Crane 1 has the capability to solve the most common problems that can arise when servicing overhead crane and hoist equipment for government departments and municipalities, making us a trusted partner for numerous public bodies.

For example, one of the most frequent pain points when it comes to servicing overhead hoist equipment for municipalities is finding access to qualified and experienced technicians who can handle the work. Crane 1 has highly skilled technicians on staff in most major cities. This means, no matter where your community is, you’re not likely to be far from our expertise.

Another common issue related to servicing overhead crane equipment for municipalities and government bodies is finding access to the parts and components they need. Crane 1 carries the most commonly needed parts on our trucks, so there’s a good chance we’ll have exactly what you need as soon as we arrive. If not, our extensive locations mean we’re always close to the parts you need. Finally, with Crane 1’s wide-ranging repair services, we can get your equipment up and running — serving the public as soon as possible. Plus, our proactive maintenance services can help ensure that your equipment will stay operational longer.

We Understand Your Unique Industry Challenges

  • Cutting costs while ensuring that your crane and hoist equipment meet your needs safely and efficiently
  • Quickly obtaining budgetary and final quotations, including detailed statements of compliance to meet your specifications
  • Keeping your equipment compliant and up-to-date through regularly scheduled and proactive maintenance, even in hazardous environments
  • Preventing unscheduled downtime so projects are completed on time, on budget and within specs