Steering Automakers in the Right Direction

Overhead Crane and Hoist Systems for the Automotive Industry

Companies that build automobiles, auto engines and OEM parts face unique challenges. Competition is fierce, deadlines are tight and labor costs are high. Downtime is to be prevented at all costs. With so much at stake in the manufacturing process, you can’t afford to trust just any company to service your crane and hoist systems. Automakers know they can rely on Crane 1 for timely, on-site service and professionals with the deep knowledge, unmatched training, access to state-of-the-art technology and advanced solutions to keep crane systems up and running — dependably and safely.

We Understand Your Unique Industry Challenges

  • Avoiding breakdowns and subsequent downtime is vital to meet strict just-in-time production schedules
  • Crane and hoist equipment must be durable and reliable to handle heavy loads safely
  • Accurately moving, lifting, turning and positioning large, heavy parts is required
  • Because the industry changes quickly, your equipment will likely need to be modified fairly often