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Crane and Hoist Systems for the Logistics Industry

Cranes are vital to managing the flow of goods, products or other items in the logistics, transport and warehousing sectors. By freeing up floor space, an overhead crane system is the ideal solution to declutter a crowded workspace while safely and efficiently lifting and moving large items. But how do you know what type of equipment you need? Crane 1 helps you determine the right equipment, system and configuration for your unique application and physical constraints — and if needed, we can even customize equipment. In addition, our highly qualified and certified technicians perform inspections, installations, scheduled maintenance and quick emergency repairs that help extend the life of your equipment and provide optimal return on your investment.

We Understand Your Unique Industry Challenges

  • Ensuring that your crane equipment is highly reliable and constantly available so you don’t experience unplanned downtime
  • Crane and hoist equipment must be able to perform gradual and accurate inching movements
  • Keeping your workers safe while goods are moved and manipulated throughout your facility
  • Your crane system must be engineered with the appropriate lifting capacity, span size and controls to optimize your operations