Making Your Production Process Better

Crane and Hoist Systems for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing facilities require a steady flow of materials from one end of the building to the other. Incoming raw materials or prefabricated parts start at an assembly line or machining center, and move through production to packaging and shipping. An overhead crane system is the perfect way to move and lift materials and finished products safely while maintaining your optimal workflow. Whether you operate a chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, technology or packaging business, keeping things moving is critical to your success, and Crane 1’s expert service is critical to keeping your business moving forward.

We Understand Your Unique Industry Challenges

  • Limited floor space means that a properly designed overhead crane system is far superior to lift trucks
  • Your overhead crane, hoist and below-the-hook equipment must be able to lift and position objects precisely
  • Automated or semi-automated crane systems potentially reduce high labor costs
  • Deciding whether to modernize vs. replace an older crane that is showing signs of wear or one that needs additional speed or capacity
  • Finding a single provider that can service all your crane and hoist equipment, regardless of type or brand