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The Upside of Working at CRANE 1

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We could tell you how wonderful it is to work at CRANE 1 and why you should join us, but we’ll let our associates speak for us. Here are just a few responses to a recent survey question asking associates why they joined CRANE 1.


Why Work with Us? Just Ask Our Associates!

“I love the new “INSPEC” technology. I am able to provide instant inspection reports to our customers”

“I was looking for a long term carreer with a company that would have longevity.”

“I joined Crane 1 because it was it was not a typical job, you get to expierience all types of manufacturing, and there is always something different each day. “

“The Senior Technicians are very knowledgable, if someone has a question, everyone does what they can to help out. “

“I love interacting with customers, giving them solutions and fixing the equipment “

“Management really cares about their employees, I love my job!”

“I am excited to come to work because my hours are steady and I return home every evening to my family”

“My favorite part of working at Crane 1 is how everyone works together as a team.”

“Crane 1 is invested in their employees vs other places I have worked”

“Training at Crane 1 is very thorough and insightful on pertinent topics “