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Overhead Crane And Hoist Services In Savannah, GA

CRANE 1 is now servicing the Savannah, GA. market with a local presence. With significant paper mill as well as industrial crane inspection and maintenance experience, we help keep your operations running smoothly. Thanks to our complete suite of crane maintenance services, CRANE 1 is the go-to source for virtually any type of service you need related to your overhead crane or hoist. Our highly trained and professional technicians have the skills necessary to handle just about anything you and your equipment may need to keep everything in optimal working condition to reduce costly downtime and keep your employees safe. Whenever you need hoist or crane services in Savannah, you can count on Crane 1 to deliver.


We are known as the premier source in Savannah and elsewhere for overhead crane services, and our knowledge base is the most extensive and complete in the region. Our service offerings include safety training and inspections as well as repairs and preventative maintenance. It’s this inclusive approach that has made Crane 1 the most trusted provider of such services in and around Savannah, keeping facilities safe and equipment in perfect working order for as long as possible. Combined with the exceptional talent CRANE 1 has within its ranks and personalized customer service, we are confident that we will be able to meet your needs.

Comprehensive Information and Inspection Services in Savannah

Our extensive overhead crane inspections and modernization services in Savannah helps keep equipment in proper working order and can drastically reduce downtime caused by malfunctioning equipment. We accomplish this thanks to the hard work and dedication of our fully trained and certified technicians, all of whom are experienced mechanics who leverage their proficiency in the crane and hoist industry to identify potential problems with your equipment before they have an opportunity to develop into issues that take equipment offline. Our load testing and certification services also serve to keep your equipment in compliance with OSHA regulations, and ensure that it remains in the best possible condition. On top of that, CRANE 1 offers our customers asset management services that provide them with detailed information and customized reporting about their equipment’s condition throughout its lifecycle.

Full Overhead Crane Maintenance and Repair Services

CRANE 1 comes to the rescue 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whenever repairs are needed. Meaning, no matter what type of work your equipment needs, we will be there ASAP to have it back online. Additionally, if your facility is within our Savannah service area, we can be there within two hours. Our expertise and experience give us the ability to service cranes and hoists of virtually every type and brand on the market. What’s more, because we carry the most commonly needed supplies and components on all of our service vehicles, there’s a good chance we will be able to provide complete overhead hoist maintenance in Savannah, GA, and have your equipment back online within our first visit to your facility.

Delivering Expertise

No one has more experience with cranes and hoists than CRANE 1, and we can help you benefit from our experience and knowledge through our operator safety training courses. These classes run from a half-hour to two days, helping you bring your personnel up to speed on the finer points of crane safety in a way that fits their needs and schedules perfectly.

CRANE 1 Does It All

CRANE 1 is the source for overhead crane and hoist services ranging from full inspections to preventative maintenance. Contact us today to learn how we can put our extensive expertise to work for you.

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