5 Reasons to choose CRANE 1

Unbiased Multibrand Service Focus

The primary focus of CRANE 1 is the service of existing cranes and hoists.  When we respond to a crane breakdown event or perform inspections and equipment evaluations, we are working solely for your best interests.  Because of our size, we have access to parts and repair components for all brands at competitive prices.  We also train our Technicians and Inspectors to evaluate and repair all types of equipment from both domestic and offshore equipment providers.

Unlike manufacturer-owned service organizations, (you might know the four-letter name); CRANE 1 will not deceive you to replace repairable hoists or components of another brand with products we make as a strategy to lock you into a future service relationship.

Once in that relationship, you will find that you have invested important capital into equipment with short service life, exorbitantly priced parts, long lead times and high OEM labor rates; while the equipment they replaced may have had many more serviceable years.