Benefits of Regular Overhead Crane and Hoist Inspections

There are few items in your facility that work as hard as your overhead crane or hoist system. You rely on that equipment every day to move thousands of pounds worth of materials and equipment to where they need to go. Now, think back to the last time you had to spend most of your workday lifting and moving heavy materials, and how your body felt when you woke the next morning.

Your crane and hoist systems might not be able to tell you directly, but they feel the effects of the strain they’re under all the time, too. That’s why it’s crucial to put your overhead crane and hoist systems through regular inspections.

The benefits of having your crane and hoist systems inspected on a regular basis are numerous. Although it might seem like inspections are costing your operations time you don’t have, that’s nothing compared to the time you would lose if your equipment broke down or caused an avoidable accident. These are the three key benefits of inspecting your crane and hoist systems on a regular basis:

  1. Reducing the risk of equipment failure. Keeping a close eye on your equipment will allow you to spot minor problems that could become major problems if they are left unresolved. Equipment failure not only means costly repairs, but it can bring your entire operation to a screeching halt and hurt your productivity.
  2. Ensuring compliance. The law is the law, and no business wants to be shut down over noncompliance with regulations. Regular inspection of your equipment by a certified expert can give you peace of mind in knowing that all of your equipment is up to code.
  3. Protecting your employees. Neglecting to inspect your equipment regularly not only increases the risk of equipment failure, it also increases the risk that your employees may be injured on the job. Ensuring that your equipment is in proper working condition helps prevent injuries to equipment operators and anyone working around the equipment.

Having your overhead crane and hoist equipment inspected on a regular basis by qualified experts is the best way to avoid some dangerous situations and costly headaches for you and your operations. Your cranes and hoists do a lot of work for you, and all that work can take its toll on them. Crane 1 is recognized as the expert on all things related to overhead cranes and hoist systems, so contact us today to find out how we can provide inspection services for your equipment.