CRANE 1 – Overhead Crane Project Management Process

In January of 2018 CRANE 1 implemented new sales & project management processes for standard and engineered crane systems.   Highly Engineered and box girder cranes will be handled by our Engineered Crane Group while estimation and project management of standard structural cranes will be handled by our Standard Crane Group.  Fabrication of standard cranes has been centralized at our Columbus, OH facility.  The Columbus operation was chosen because of the centralized location, available fabrication space, and the skilled crane building personnel.

The benefits to our customers of this new approach will be improved project management and communication as well as standardized crane design and a high level of quality control.

Our combination of local support and extensive corporate capabilities make CRANE 1 the “easy button” when it comes to your next crane or hoisting system.  Our local Territory and Division Managers are trained and readily available to review your application and make required measurements to develop the application scope.  They are backed by our Engineered Crane Group Application Experts and Standard Crane Estimators to ensure that the equipment or system we propose is suited to your outlined requirements.

The CRANE 1 order process fulfillment keeps you “in the loop” and without surprises.  Once we agree on our offering and receive an order, CRANE 1 will begin our order process which includes:

  • Post Award Site Visit & Proposal Review:  We meet with your team to discuss the finalize equipment options, verify dimensions & power supply, and ensure that we are on the same page about your expectations of us as well as any responsibilities that you have for preparing the work are for our equipment and installation.
  • Clearance and Engineered Drawings:  Once the details are sorted out, we begin and engineering that is required and prepare drawings for your approval that may include clearances and equipment layout etc.
  • Production Schedule:  Once we have approval, we will develop a production schedule based upon the equipment lead times and your required installation dates.  We will agree on an installation date or window.
  • Job Site Review: Prior to fabrication, CRANE 1 will send our installation team or engineers to your jobsite to make final dimensions to ensure that the equipment will be fabricated to proper span and required OSHA clearances.
  • Delivery & Installation:  Our installation experts will install the equipment or system during our agreed timeframe while maintaining a safe work area.  Portions of the worksite will be inaccessible using barrier tape while our people are working overhead or moving equipment.
  • Post Installation Inspection and Checklist:  Prior to releasing the equipment to you for normal production, CRANE 1 will perform start-up, including required inspections or testing as outline in our proposal.  The system will be inspected for any deficiencies with any items outlined on the punch list corrected so that the system can be placed into operation.


Give CRANE 1 a call for your next crane project.