CRANE 1 Poised for Growth

Since being acquired a little over 3 years ago, CRANE 1 has made dramatic improvements to both product and service capabilities in order to become “company of choice” for overhead crane and hoist service and equipment customers, OEM Vendor Partners, and Service Technicians

Service Technicians and Inspectors
A service organization is only as good as its front line employees and CRANE 1 gets it! 
Skilled and experienced Overhead Crane and Hoist Technicians and Inspectors are the backbone of the overhead crane and hoist service and repair business.  Recruiting experienced Technicians is becoming more difficult as many are coming close to retirement age.

CRANE 1 is facing this challenge head-on by implementing apprenticeship programs, recruiting skilled industrial electricians and maintenance personnel, and providing intensive in-house and external training programs.  The training programs are the core element to ensure we are providing safety and top-level technical capability for our employees and customers.

We are providing our Inspectors, Service Technicians and support team with both basic and advanced technical training to understand the fundamentals of inspection and crane maintenance as well as advanced troubleshooting, mechanical and electrical repairs, and project management.  With new potential employees, we are not just looking for people with past crane repair experience; we are looking for a combination of skills, good attitude, aptitude, and adaptability.

Great service goes beyond making the crane or hoist work again.  Professionalism, communication and the ability to substantiate and document are now as essential as the ability to make the crane work.

Beyond training and professional opportunities, CRANE 1 field technicians enjoy great pay and benefits, including time and a half pay on Saturday and double time on Sunday.  We believe in life balance for all our employees and make great efforts to ensure that our field personnel has a rewarding career while enjoying time away from the job.


The CRANE 1 Advantage Service Model

CRANE 1 has fully integrated our Advantage Service Model with proprietary In-Spec field automation software allowing us to schedule service, repairs, and inspection.  In-Spec also provides equipment condition tracking and inspection/repair documentation.  In-Spec allows our customers to see repair issues, documented with high-quality images in person from our Technician’s mobile device and within the service or inspection report that is available to the customer within 24 hours of the service.
In-Spec Field Automation at CRANE 1

Geographic Growth into New Market Areas
Many of our customers are looking for a service partner that can handle national accounts with multiple facilities in different markets,  Our core operations covered Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Eastern Tennessee, and Maryland.  CRANE 1 had made multiple acquisitions of quality service organizations to expand our footprint into key additional markets such as Texas, Michigan, and Memphis Tenn as well as greenfield operations in North Carolina and Georgia.

Automated Monorail System for Railroad Track

OEM Equipment and Parts Access
Unlike other service competitors in the market, CRANE 1 is not owned by a hoist manufacturer.  Not only does that allow us to be unbiased with regard to service recommendations; we are also free to provide you with the best choice of equipment for any application at very competitive prices.  CRANE 1 has the broadest portfolio of OEM’s to choose.  This gives us unparalleled access to both replacement and repair parts for your existing equipment, factory OEM training for our Technicians and the best choice of anyone for a new hoist, crane component or control upgrade.

–   Our pre-engineered Wire Rope Hoist brands include:   Acco, Demag, Detroit, R&M, Shawbox, Stahl, Street, Yale & More
–   Our Chain Hoist Brands Include:  Acco, Demag, Harrington, R&M, Shawbox, Stahl, Street, Yale & More
–   Our Crane Components offerings include:  Acco, Demag, Detroit, Harrington, IMS, OMI, R&M, Shawbox, Stahl, Street, Yale
–   For built-up heavy hoist and crane applications, we offer:  Demag, IMS, OMI, Street, Yale

And of course, we offer parts and service for the above brands and all others!

Engineered Crane Equipment and Runways, built to high standards in an ISO approved facility

CRANE 1’s acquisition of Michigan based Mt Clemons Crane; doing business as a division of CRANE 1 SERVICES brings an entirely new dimension of capability and quality for the benefit of our customers.  Our Mt Clemens group provides runways and structural cranes with unparalleled value and manufacturing quality, supported a highly skilled team of application specialists, engineers, fabricators, and electricians.

Mt. Clemons application experts work hand in hand with the local management in each service branch to ensure that crane projects go smoothly and the cranes work correctly to the design scope.  You can count CRANE 1 cranes and equipment.

Below the Hook Lifter Refurbishment and Modification

CRANE 1’s acquisition of Ohio based CSI Crane provide new capabilities in engineering and quality processed to provide unequaled quality of refurbishment with a high level of documentation and traceability of the repair process that often requires significant NDT efforts and repair of cracks in critical structural members of below the hook devices such as coil grabs and plate lifters used in mill environments.   We repair and refurbish to like new conditions lifters from Bushman, Hunter, Bradley, Hepenstal and more.