Festoonless Crane Systems

CRANE 1’s customers will benefit from innovation shared from our recent acquisition of Absolute Crane in Houston, Texas.  Mark Lupo, former President of Absolute Crane came up with an innovative approach over 5years ago, to eliminate troublesome festooning on bridge cranes.  Lupo utilizes 4-bar conductor bar along the bridge crane for power to the hoist(s) and trolley(s) and radio receivers mounted on each hoist/trolley for control instead of festooned wiring.

Festoonless Systems eliminate the need for control festoon cables, track, and hardware. A Receiving Unit is located on the Bridge Control Panel and another radio receiving unit on the Hoist / Trolley. A single hand-held radio transmitter operates all functions. These systems are also available for multiple Hoist / Trolley configurations.

The advantage of this innovation, beyond a much more aesthetic looking crane, is the elimination of the festoon loop depth space requirement and all thealso  ongoing maintenance issues associated with hard-wired festoon cables.

Without festoon loops, the crane operating envelope often can be reduced, and the risk of the cable snagging a machine or product is eliminated.  Since the festoon system is a common source of wiring shorts, unplanned breakdowns and their resultant costs are reduced.  Spare transmitters and receivers can be kept on hand or premounted as a redundant failsafe backup on critical cranes in the rare case of a radio failure.

To learn more about Festoonless Cranes, give us a call at 888-24-CRANE.     

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