Freestanding Jib Cranes without Foundations

Limited lifting capacities, boom spans, and heights under boom are available for both enclosed track workstation foundationless jib cranes and I-beam cranes as foundationless jib models when you have an adequate concrete slab.  CRANE 1 fetures Gorbel workstaion and I-beam style jibs due to their fast deliveries and great workmanship.  So what are the limitations:

All Gorbel Foundationless Systems Must Be:

  • Mounted to a minimum 6″ reinforced floor.
  • Mounted with chemical anchor bolts to withstand a minimum of 3,470 lbs. of pull out force.
  • Centered on a square foot area that is free from cracks, seams, and walls.
  • Concrete pressure: 3000 psi and must contain wire mesh reinforcement.
  • Soil pressure: 2500 psf.

What Are the Benefits of Gorbel Foundationless Jib Cranes?

  • You save money!
    A poured foundation can cost as much or more than the jib crane itself.
  • Quick and easy installation
    Poured foundations can take up to a week to cure before you can install the crane.
    Now there’s no waiting to watch concrete dry with a foundationless jib crane.
  • Flexible for easy relocation
    It’s easy to relocate freestanding foundationless jib cranes when there is no poured foundation.
    That means more flexibility in choosing initial location. You can place it closer to machines or other obstructions because there is no need for several square footage of area for a concrete pour.

Gorbel Foundationless Workstation Jib Crane on 6″ Reinforced Floor

Capacity (lbs.)Hub (ft.)Span (ft.)
2508-1412, 14, 16
5008-148, 10, 12
10008-144, 6, 8

Benefits of a Gorbel Foundationless Workstation Jib Crane:

  • Ease of movement
    The high strength enclosed track design keeps rolling surfaces clean. This contributes to easier movement and longer life.
  • Ease of rotation
    The steel enclosed track weighs less and therefore rotates easier.
  • Precise load positioning
    A hoist trolley with low rolling resistance and lubricated-for-life sealed bearings combined with the easy rotation of the boom makes for efficient load positioning and spotting.

Gorbel I-Beam Jib Crane on 6″ Reinforced Floor


Capacity (lbs.)Hub (ft.)Span (ft.)

Benefits of a Gorbel Foundationless I-Beam Crane:

  • Ease of operation
    Precision tapered roller bearings in top pivot and trunnion assemblies provide smooth operation and long life.
  • Safety
    Head retaining pin provides the resistance to accidental upward dislodgement of the head.

Additional Notes:

If you are looking for a Jib Crane or Hoist, you can count on CRANE 1.