Gorbel Light Workstation Crane Systems make lifting simple

One of CRANE 1’s superior partner suppliers is Gorbel.  Gorbel excels in producing standard and custom workstation cranes and CRANE 1 has supplied hundreds of these little workhorses in both high tech and light manufacturing applications.

Engineered Gorbel light crane systems are flexible by design. Gorbel has developed an excellent pre-engineered family of crane kits that combine bridges, runways, trolleys, and suspension systems for both ceiling hung and freestanding supports.  These crane systems are designed on Gorbel’s online software and many times ship prefabricated and ready for installation in less than a month.  Once installed, they can be lengthened easily and additional cranes added as well.  When your needs change, they can be easily relocated and reconfigured to fit the new workstation needs at your facility.

A typical Gorbel freestanding crane system is two-ton capacity or less for the individual bridges and consists of columns on approximately 25’ or less centers for the runway and 25’ or less across for the crane span.  Prefabricated Headers span the columns and support the c-channel style runways.GRunways can be as short as 5’ or extend for many hundreds of feet with additional columns and headers spaced along the length.

Hoists are hook suspended from the Gorbel trolleys.  The Gorbel trolleys fit most hook-mounted electric chain hoists from Acco, Budget, CM, Demag, Harrington, R&M, Street Crane, and others.  Gorbel even sells their own hoist that makes single sourcing and delivery a little more simple.

A typical Gorbel system is push-pull on both the hoist and the bridge.  The system has very low rolling resistance which allows low effort transport of loads up to 4000#.  Motorized tractor drives are available on both the trolley and bridge function.  These can add a factor of safety when the load is high value or fragile and more precise and controlled starting and stopping of traverse motions are desired.

When a CRANE 1 customer needs a workstation crane quote, our Gorbel trained applications expert will:

  1. Consult the application needs of the customer
  2. Rough measure the site for the location of columns and survey the elevation for the overall height of the system
  3. Create the system in Gorbel’s Crane Brain software
  4. Generate a customer quote and pdf or cad drawing
  5. Develop and present the finished proposal including installation and choice of the hoist.

Amazingly, the Gorbel Light Crane System quote turn around can be as little as 24 hours and you could potentially order and schedule installation the same month.

CRANE 1 is your Gorbel Authorized and Trained Dealer with experienced application support and trained and qualified installers.  Give our nearest branch a call when you need to add a new workstation crane system.

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