Hoist Monitoring Systems

As the 20 ton and under hoist market has become more competitive, European style hoists, designed to DIN and ISO standards have taken the share away from traditional American style hoist built to CMAA and HMI standards. The European style hoists are manufactured by companies such as CM (Stahl), Demag, Kone / R&M and Street Crane.

The European style hoists offer standard lightweight designs, generally in single reeved formats with much lighter price tags versus the heavy over-designed American style hoists.  The European designed hoist generally come with a much shorter life span as they only have a design life of 5 to 10 years when properly applied.

To address this problem, and provide information to maintenance personnel about the condition status of the hoist, most manufacturers have begun installing hoist monitoring systems to inform maintenance of trouble.

Some of the best monitoring systems currently being placed on hoists are outlined below:

Columbus McKinnon offers the Pulse Monitor on its Yale & Shawbox Hoists

The long-term expense of maintenance, service fees, and replacement parts can add up over the full-service life of a hoist. All of these after-sale costs contribute to the total cost of ownership – which is an important factor to consider when making a purchasing decision.

The Pulse Monitor can help provide an even lower total cost of ownership for your CMCO hoist, by allowing for better maintenance timing and reduced downtime from improper use of the hoist.

Features of Pulse Monitor Include:

MOTOR STARTS:  A motor start is recognized by energization of either the slow or fast motor winding for 300ms or more.

CUMULATIVE RUN TIME:   Every time the motor is energized, the Pulse Monitor records how long it runs and adds to the cumulative total run time.
PLUG EVENT (EXCESSIVE PLUGGING): A plug event is recorded when the directional contactor (node 0A or 1A) is energized four times within any two second period of operation.
MOTOR TRIP EVENT:  A motor trip event will be recorded when the monitor card terminal K1 measures 115 volts**  and terminal K2 is at 0 volts.
OVERCAPACITY EVENT:   An overcapacity trip will be recorded when the monitor card terminals K1 and K2 measure 115 volts** and terminal 0A is at 0 volts.
VOLTAGE MEASUREMENT:   For every motor event, the voltage will be measured

Demag offers its StatusControl on the full range of wire rope hoists

With Demag StatusControl, you can have full control over your equipment anytime, anywhere. Our smart remote monitoring system provides you with current operating data and evaluations of your cranes and hoists: risks of downtime, utilization, usage and service life.

And that simply, reliably and at a glance. You can always rely on smooth, safe and reliable operation and optimize the productivity of your equipment to meet your specific needs.

Demag StatusControl collects data from the control and diagnostic systems of cranes and hoists to provide you with relevant, up-to-date status and operating data as well as information.

This information is transmitted in real time via LTE mobile communication (VPN tunnel) to a data cloud and from there to our customer portal. In addition, the remote monitoring system uses the world’s largest database and unique Demag expertise in crane systems to generate automatic analyses and evaluations.

Features of StatusControl include:

Traffic light system shows the overall condition of the crane at a glance
Combined display of crane status and operating data.
CRANE CONDITION  SWP hoist availability
Service life and replacement period for critical components (hoists, brakes, pressure rollers, hoist contactors)
Replacement history of components
Fault history
OPERATING STATISTICS  Operation of the crane, operating errors, any information on shortened service life or possible safety problems as a result of crane operation
Efficiency and utilization Crane operator training requirements
Hoist operating hours
Critical condition of the brakes  Measured braking distance
Maximum slip
Maximum speed
Emergency stops

R&M (Kone) offers two systems on their hoists:  HoistWatch and HoistMonitor
About Hoist Monitoring

Hoist monitoring protects your equipment from overloads while providing you with accurate real-time information about how your equipment is being used. Monitoring functions do not interfere with the use of your hoist; however, in the case of an overload or sudden loading change, loads are able to be safely lowered to the ground.

R&M offers two devices for hoist monitoring – the original HoistMonitor® and the new HoistWatch.The HoistWatch is our newest addition to hoist monitoring. The HoistWatch includes many of the great safety and performance features of the HoistMonitor, but with a simpler, easier interface.

The HoistWatch is standard on Spacemaster® SX2, SX3, SX4, and SX5 hoist models. The HoistMonitor is our original hoist monitoring unit. It also includes our most robust offering of data and features. The HoistMonitor is available for any Spacemaster SX wire rope hoist, but it is standard on all SX6 and SX7 hoist models.


Features of HoistWatch include:
Overload protection for single hoists
Supervision of faults and runtime information
Service warning for brake wear
Additional relay for optional light or horn alarms

Features of HoistMonitor® include:|
Overload protection
Supervision of faults and runtime information
Sudden loading supervision
Starting & stopping through slow speed for brake protection
Safe working period calculation
Proactive service warning calculations

Street Crane offers its Safe Working Period (SWP)

It is of vital importance that when operating lifting equipment, an accurate method of monitoring it’s condition is employed. Street Crane now offer a ‘Condition Monitor’ unit as an option on all hoist models.

This unit accurately measures each load the hoist takes as well the number of operating hours. Operating hours alone cannot determine the condition of a hoist and therefore its predicted working life.  The Street Crane ‘Condition Monitoring Unit’ consists of a graphical display mounted within the hoist control panel and a graphical display mounted on the outside.

Hoist conditions monitored:
Safe Working Period as defined in BSISO 12482:2014
Hours Run
Total Starts
Number of periods exceeding Cyclic Duration Factor
Number of periods exceeding Starts/Hour Factor

Controller Alarms
S.W.P 90 %
S.W.P Exceeded
% ED Exceeded
% St/Hr Exceeded

the right hoist with the features and value you need to keep your operation productive and safe.yourCRANE 1 offers hoist from CM, Demag, R&M and Street Crane as well as many others.  Due to our large purchasing power and strong experience in applying the right hoist to specific application requirements we can source.