Hoist Wire Rope Replacement

Wire ropes are one of the most often replaced components of a hoist and are similar to tires on a car. They are prone to normal wear over time and with use. The more often used and with heavier loads, the faster they wear. Properly maintained, they will last for their full expected life. They are also susceptible to being ruined from improper installation, or from external damage from improper operation.

Replacing a damaged or worn rope with a generic rope can be very dangerous since the existing rope on the hoist that you are replacing if not original may already be the wrong size or type, In addition, rope identification based on the size and type of the existing rope on the hoist can be a very tricky and many times the wrong type, length or size is purchased.

CRANE 1 always recommends that ropes are purchased or sourced from the original manufacturer in order to assure that you have the correct rope on your hoist. Installation of the rope is a critical task to ensure that twist is not introduced into the rope and that the hoists proper reeving is maintained.

The replacement of wire rope or chain for underhung hoists is specifically excluded from load test requirements. The wire rope should have already been tested by the manufacturer during the production process.

The technician should perform a test without a load to check lifting and lowering function, brake operation and to check limiting devices. Reference ASME B30.16 for further details. This will allow the rope to adjust and properly seat itself. After this break-in procedure, secure the hook block and disconnect the rope end to relax or correct any possible torque or twists developed during the new installation and break-in.

Contact CRANE 1 with any questions you have pertaining to the maintenance and replacement of hoist wire ropes.