As a leader in overhead crane and hoist safety, CRANE 1 provides and installs many fall arrest systems on our customer’s overhead crane and runways systems to protect maintenance personnel as well as our own technicians and inspectors from potential fall hazards.

Safety + Health is the official magazine of the National Safety Council (NSC) Congress and Expo and is a top industry authority on safety and OSHA related topics.  They annually publish a top 10 list of the most cited OSHA standards.  For a third year in a row OSHA standard Fall Protection (1926.501)  topped the list of cited OSHA violations.  A Fall Arrest System is an active means of protecting workers from injury due to falls. A complete personal fall arrest system includes an anchor, a body harness and a connector- such as a shock-absorbing fall arrest lanyard or self-retracting lanyard (SRL). As one of Gorbel’s leading distributor, we can help you apply and the install one of their innovative fall arrest systems that are pre-engineered and available for fast delivery.

Using a Gorbel Tether Track™ Rigid Rail Fall Arrest System as your anchor provides workers with a high degree of mobility and freedom while preventing falls to lower levels. Standard systems are designed to accommodate multiple workers, each weighing up to 310 pounds with tools.

Gorbel Tether Track™ Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Systems provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for reducing the risk of injury in elevated work environments. Available in various configurations, including multiple track profiles and support center distances, fall protection can be easily customized to fit every budget and application. All systems are designed by qualified engineers to meet the OSHA 1926 Subpart M construction standard, as well as the ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Code.