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InSpec Field Automation at CRANE 1

CRANE 1 has begun phasing in InSpec, our custom field automation solution that provides Inspection clients with 24 hour or faster turnaround of professional, easy to read periodic and frequent inspection reports of crane and hoisting equipment.

Instant Scheduling and Remote Dispatch
After agreeing with our customer on a date for the inspection, our coordinator schedules one of our qualified Inspectors and attaches the necessary inspection forms for the equipment and inspection type within the InSpec application for the customer’s site.

The Inspector then receives the assignment and required forms for the inspection on their field device.  Past inspection reports can be accessed for review of prior conditions.

Accurate Equipment Information
Out of the gate we will be able to inspect cranes, hoist, jibs, below the hook devices as well as slings on InSpec.  Our on-site Inspector can update customer information as well as the attributes of the crane or hoist while performing the inspection.

They can also add additional crane and hoist units or update units that were removed from service as inactive.  We also have the option of using bar codes identification for crane units so that a unit can be pulled up by scanning the bar code label.  We can even use a customer’s existing barcode or asset tracking tag currently in use by the customer.

Seeing is believing!
Inspection check points are customized depending on the type of equipment so that Inspector can do a more through and accurate job and the report is simpler to read and understand.  Any problem areas found can be documented with multiple images, so that the severity and nature of the problem can be conveyed easily.

InSpec assists the CRANE 1 Inspector to provide a superior quality inspection
Our Inspectors have access to standardized dropdowns on many inspection points for common inspection defects or deficiencies.  Many of these will reference the applicable OSHA or ANSI code of the violation.  Also, many of the inspection points are backed up with help aids and reference materials that our Inspectors can check on site to verify or back up the condition and how the code or standard applies.

Repairs fast and easy
InSpec is linked to our centralized estimating software that allows CRANE 1 to turn repair deficiencies found on the inspection report into a repair proposal for your review as soon as one day after we have received parts pricing from the crane vendor or parts supplier.  The speed of the finished report as well as efficiency of our estimating process can shave weeks off the time formerly required to get your crane defects corrected.

Service Reports and Project Management
InSpec is not just for inspections.  By the end of the second quarter of 2018, CRANE 1 will have all our field technicians operating from the InSpec application.  Our field technicians will be dispatched on service calls through the application and will be able to document their findings with photos. ]

Our sales people will use the application to enter requests into estimating and our Project Managers will use the application to better manage installations, start-ups and testing of new cranes an modernization projects.  Our rebuild group will use the application to document the condition of a lifter from teardown to completion of the refurbishment.

CRANE 1 is excited with this leap in technology, better service and quality that we are taking to the market in early 2018.  Give us a call to see how CRANE 1 and InSpec can better service your cranemaintenance and inspection needs.