Parts for all Hoist Brands from CRANE 1

When it comes to parts and service, it doesn’t matter who made your crane. CRANE 1 offers genuine OEM spare parts for our featured brands as well as replacement parts for all other makes and models.

Parts you need when you need them
We offer both in-house stock and direct factory shipping on replacement parts from:

  • Acco Wright
  • Budget
  • Coffing
  • Columbus McKinnon
  • Detroit Hoist
  • Gorbel
  • Harrington
  • Magnetek
  • R&M
  • ShawBox
  • Spanco
  • Stahl
  • Street
  • Yale

With hundreds of years of hands-on experience working on all types and makes of cranes and hoists, we have become a leading regional overhead crane maintenance supplier in over 15 markets.  Our service teams are trained and experience to provide repairs based upon the unique requirements of each brand and provide professional service by manufacturers’ recommendations, OSHA/ANSI requirements as well as industry best practices.

Parts for any brand

We are experts in all brands, not just our featured brands.  With a part description, brand name, and equipment serial number, we source your part back to the OEM, getting you the right part in the fastest time.  We also offer Equivalent Parts that provide you with an equivalent replacement that are functionally similar to the originally supplied part at a competitive price.

Reverse Engineering of critical parts

Do you have an older hoist or crane that has been obsoleted by the manufacturer?   If it is not practical to replace the equipment, we offer reverse engineering services to redesign and machine an equivalent part.  Lead times on OEM gearbox parts are sometimes so long that reverse engineering makes sense to get the equipment up and running faster.


A new part is not always the best answer. Rebuilding an older hoist can be a cost-effective and faster alternative. Rewound motors, for example, can perform like new at a fraction of the cost and are a great addition to the critical spare parts inventory after a new motor has been installed. Urgent repairs can sometimes be accomplished by rebuilding or refurbishing in less time than it would take to order a new part or component.

Spare parts assessment

We can help you identify recommended spare parts for your critical cranes based upon, age, current lost downtime history and the lost production costs.  Having critical long lead time spares can a worthwhile investment when downtime costs are high.

Parts installation

Our expert service technicians can install any part you need. We can also help keep your crane running with a preventive maintenance program or support your in-house maintenance with an inspection program.

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