Radio Control with Advanced 2-Way Communication

Magnetek introduced the Flex VUE handheld radio control system several years ago which offers a high-resolution color display and advanced two-way communication with a crane or hoisting system.  Flex VUE offers a graphic display which can provide continuous updates on system status, diagnostic information and more.

Magnetek’s innovative Flex VUE combines a graphic display with stepless or two-step technology in a lightweight, comfortably contoured handheld transmitter. It’s available with several options to meet the needs of a variety of applications and industries.

The Flex VUE system keeps the operator apprised of system functions and capacity. The display menu also enables quick configuration, providing you with the ability to quickly adapt to changing needs.

Flex VUE is offered with either proportional or two-step buttons, allowing the flexibility to choose which best suits your mobile or crane and hoist applications. Available in four, eight, or twelve button configurations, Flex VUE offers the flexibility to tackle virtually every application.

Direct Interface with Magnetek Drives
When installed in conjunction with Magnetek Variable Frequency Drives using the Radio Drive Serial Interface (RDSI) option, the radio is designed to communicate via a serial interface to directly control Magnetek’s IMPULSE®•G+ & VG+ Series 4, Series 3, and IMPULSE®•G+ Mini Adjustable Frequency Crane Controls.

RDSI coupled with the Flex VUE provides users and service technicians safer and more convenient diagnostic and troubleshooting information on the ground.   With Flex VUE, there is no need to get up on the crane to view drive faults and status.

– Automatically detects drive types.
– Eliminates the need for drive contactors.
– Provides feedback parameters directly from the drive, including Drive Status, Output Frequency, Output Voltage, Output Current, Output Power, and Torque Reference.
– Reduces system costs by eliminating relay cards, excessive wiring, and labor.

Superior Communication and Convenience
The Flex VUE High-resolution color display keeps the operator informed of system status and diagnostics at all times, including battery life, signal strength, and warning symbols and it is quick and easy to configure the transmitter right through the display menu.
– Available two-way RF for applications requiring feedback of machine parameters, alarms, and command confirmation.
– Frequency options include 400MHz and 2.4GHz.
– Synthesized RF technology available.
– Unlicensed (FCC Part 15/RSS-210).

Options for Two Way Communication are Endless
The readout of the radio control can be used for many purposes based upon the features, limits, and sensors installed on the crane or hoist.  The readout can display the trolley or bridge location, travel speeds, load weight, hook position and more.   When installed with collision avoidance sensors, the system can display the distance from another bridge crane or stationary object.

Versatility Combines with Precise Control 
You can choose 4, 8, or 12 with stepless or two-step technology button configurations with both accurate and smooth operation.  The pushbuttons feature gold-plated contacts and are rated for more than one million press cycles.  The defined snap-action steps provide positive tactile feedback even while wearing gloves.
– Configure the Flex VUE through the set-up menu or on a PC with an optional radio control programmer (RCP).)
– Easily upload new programming in the field with USB connection

Durable and Reliable 
The rugged, super tough nylon housing is made to withstand shock, water, heat, and harsh environments and is rated NEMA 4 (IP66), sealed to withstand harsh, industrial environments.
– Designed to minimize power consumption, providing one of the longest life batteries in the industry today.
-Custom labeling, protective cases, and accessories available to provide additional flexibility and radio case protection.

Comfort and Style in One Package 
The Flex Vue ergonomically designed contoured case makes it comfortable for the user and is designed to be compact and lightweight to prevent operator fatigue.  One-handed operation frees the operator to assist in other tasks

For more information, contact CRANE 1.  We’ll help specify, build and install your system to your specifications.  With CRANE 1 and Flex-Vue – it’s completely customizable.